Whether you have children in school or are a student yourself, August means that back to school time is here once again!   For distance learners or people thinking about attending an online program, there are several challenges that can slow a person down or prevent them from achieving academic success. About.com recently asked... Continue +
As our Academic Advisors begin a new year of supporting the adult online learner, we thought it would be helpful to being a discussion of some of the Frequently Asked Questions of Academic Support, as well as provide a few links to additional information that you may find useful. To schedule an exam for your online degree... Continue +
Meet Dr. Jessica Nelson
Dr. Nelson assumed the role of Chairperson of Baccalaureate Nursing Completion at Indiana State University (ISU) in August 2013 after serving as a Program Director in ISU's Department of Advanced Nursing Practice. We recently sat down to talk with her about the LPN to BS in Nursing program. In our discussion, she talked about... Continue +
Today we are in the midst of National Distance Learning Week, which is celebrated this year from November 11 to 15. National Distance Learning Week is sponsored by the United States Distance Learning Association and aims to bring awareness to the progress being made in the distance learning arena. As stated on the National... Continue +
This article discusses the 4 basic components of a typical online course.  While distance learning varies depending on the institution providing the course, there are four typical components of online courses: A Learning Management System (LMS): An LMS is the platform that allows students to view their syllabus, contact their... Continue +
New Report Outlines the Online Student With nearly 3 million adults in the U.S. enrolled in fully online degree programs, eLearning researchers are gaining greater access to valuable insights on this growing demographic of students. A recent study from Inside Higher ED has revealed more about who these students are and what... Continue +
If the idea of online education frightens you, you're not alone. For many people, the concept of earning a degree, completely online without ever reporting to a classroom, is hard to wrap their mind around. I completely understand which is why I am going to help you overcome any fears of signing up for distance nursing programs... Continue +
“I wanted to provide a strong foundation to pursue leadership positions,” Tammy Simon said of her decision to enroll in the Regis University Master of Science in Nursing degree program with help from The College Network™. The flexibility of a self-paced online degree program is what made going back to school possible for Tammy.... Continue +
HI, PA, IL, NC and TX
The latest group of trainees, our last group to go through our "newbie" training program, hail from all over the United States...literally.  This is exciting for us at The College Network because we know that people around the country will be able to learn about online nursing education programs through one of our new... Continue +
Easy and Fast
We are into another Training Week and another group of new trainees for The College Network Program Advisor ranks.  This is another great group of people with boundless energy and excitement.  They are motivated and drinking up all the information we have to give them.  They are learning about online education, in general, and... Continue +
Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in March of this year there have already been several changes that have taken place. Last week I talked about changes that went into effect on September 23. Here is the list of changes that had already been made since the law was passed. January 1, 2010: Providing Small Business Health... Continue +
Going Back to School
This is the season for going back to school.  You see witness to that with bus stops full of children and university parking lots filled with cars.  Going to school is a part of the ritual, after you made sure that you had the right notebooks, right pencils and if you were lucky, the right clothes.  At The College Network,  we... Continue +
We're Here for You
A big concern for adults looking into self-paced education and training is the lack of support.  But, there's no need to worry when you choose distance learning through The College Network.Every customer of The College Network receives personal academic support throughout our portion of the program. The College Network support... Continue +
Online or distance learning is steadily gaining popularity among students, especially those over the age of 24. Online education gives these people the flexibility to continue working, or take care of their families while going back to school.     Adults are a huge part of the number of potential candidates for higher learning,... Continue +
Studying for exams and reading through the material can seem like an overwhelming task. And it can be a little frustrating when you find yourself stuck. We here at The College Network believe you can overcome the obstacles that get in your way, so we want to share these study tips to help you do just that.“Don’t try to boil... Continue +
Many Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) enjoy working in the fulfilling field of nursing yet find their career options limited due to their lack of higher education. These LPNs discover that attaining an Associate's Degree in Nursing in order to become a Registered Nurse (RN) opens up many doors to career advancement and greater... Continue +
Distance education has been around for a long time but up until the late 1990’s there wasn’t enough technology or national awareness to support the industry that would soon become a worldwide phenomena known as online education.   Online education has become increasingly popular as more institutions and academic leaders from... Continue +
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