Accelerated RN to BSN
If you're looking to advance your career and your expertise in the nursing field and begin an accelerated RN to BSN program, The College Network can help you on your way. With help from sophisticated colleges such as Regis University, Angelo State University, and more, we can help you on your way to receiving your Bachelor of Science in Nursing in no time.

Pursuing a BSN is a highly rewarding career choice. Not only do you require a more advanced skill set, but you can greatly expand future job opportunities and create more options for yourself and your family. It is even rumored that a BSN may be required for some nursing work that it was not previously required for. If you're juggling a busy lifestyle but are still interested in advancing your career opportunities, then The College Network online programs may be right for you.

The accelerated RN to BSN program is for students who wish to make a brighter future for themselves without having to drastically change their lives. Because the curriculum is online, it gives students the chance to fit school into their busy lifestyle, not the other way around. Adults who work or have families will be able to greatly benefit from these online programs because they can attend class whenever it is most convenient for them. Studies even show that students who complete part or all of their curriculum online perform better than students who are in a physical classroom setting.

The largest benefit when taking the accelerated course of study is that students can get certified as quickly as possible so that they may begin working and providing for themselves and their families. Entering the workforce earlier means less money spent and more job experience in the long run.

The College Network has teamed up with some of the best universities who offer online programs to bring you the best online education experience possible. When you use The College Network, you can be sure that you will find the best online program to fit your personal needs as a student. We are determined to bring you a first-class education -- from the comfort of your own home!

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