A Tree in an Open Field

Driving across the Midwest, one will see a fair share of vast fields of agricultural development - corn, wheat, etc...in seemingly endless rows on repeating plots of land. On a recent trip through southern Indiana, I noticed that many of these fields have large individual trees planted seemingly right in the middle. I had never noticed it before, but seeing so many fields with these individual trees seemed too common to be a coincidence. I researched the practice of leaving a single tree in a field of crops and it can serve a myriad of purposes, but to me the purposes take a backseat to the picturesque landscape image they create - a vast tree towering above the surrounding area, like a skyscraper in the middle of a small town. 

This tree looked so much more beautiful where it stood alone, casting it's shadow over the surrounding landscape. It led me to think about how things stand out - things that capture the eye always capture the mind. It's the things that stand out amongst the ordinary, the things that don't blend in, that break with tradition, that are the most indelible. Like higher education, there are degrees and programs that stand out from the clutter of the rest; those that stand above the others. The College Network I believe is the towering tree amidst the endless row of crops. 

If you want to stand out and rise above your current educational standing, research The College Network and learn how you can become a towering tree in an endless field of crops.

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