A Strong Voice for Nurses Regarding Hospital Staffing and Policy
"There’s a widespread belief among nursing experts that the key to ensuring adequate nurse staffing, and high-quality hospital care, is to give nurses the most important voice in setting staffing levels and nursing policies." -David Wenner, The Patriot News

What will the future of nursing be like?  According to a recent article I read, it will include strong consideration being given to the opinions of nurses regarding the way things run in hospitals.  In the face of increasing economic hardship and decreasing support, this should come as both welcome and challenging news.  There is a bill on the table "that would require hospitals to form a committee, with registered nurses making up at least half its members, to set nurse staffing levels."  Does this appeal to you---the ability to take part in decision making regarding staffing and procedures in the hospital you work for?  Getting there might be easier than you think, but it involves becoming an RN.  

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