A Simple Guide to Great Education and Jobs

This post is the first in a series about in-demand jobs today, the hottest job sectors and their related college and educational requirements.  

Higher Education is about learning and learning is about curiosity and growth. Learning new information and skills helps us all respond to the changing landscape of our world. At The College Network® (TCN) we provide the framework, but the curiosity to learn and grow comes from within.

In these challenging times of high unemployment and the need for many to earn nursing or other college degrees in order to advance their careers, we invite you to explore The College Network.  The College Network has been and is a great resource helping hundreds of thousands of people like you pursue their educational goals.

There are many lists of the most in-demand jobs, but we found that the "25 Best Jobs of 2012"  published by U.S. News & World Report has the most comprehensive method of ranking. A summary of the top 10 jobs from this list follows.

1. Registered Nurse

2. Software Developer

3. Pharmacist

4. Medical Assistant

5. Database Administrator

6. Web Developer

7. Computer Systems Analyst

8. Physical Therapist

9. Computer Programmer

10. Maintenance and Repair Worker

Follow the link above for more details including median salaries, the growth rate and the total number of jobs available through the year 2020 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Please be sure to research The College Network as you learn about the kind of high-value, cost-effective education programs that we offer to help you realize your personal goals.

Thanks for reading our Blog and good luck in your pursuit of a better future!

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