A Million Dollars
Is a million dollars still a lot of money, or to rephrase, does a million dollars still sound like a lot of money? Albert Pujols' recent contract with the Angels is for $240 million dollars over 10 years - that's 24 million dollars a year guaranteed.  Compared to that, a million dollars is a drop in the ocean.  

Baseball and sports stars aside, most people would see a million dollars as a vast amount of money; it would be more than most could hope for or image to earn. It's a childhood wish to have a million dollars, but as we all know, money like this doesn't come easily. But it is a possibility. Michael MacDowell, President of Misericordia University, recently stated in an online article, "On average, people with an undergraduate college degree earn more than $1 million more over their lifespan than those without one." After reading that statement, a million dollars sounds like a lot of money, doesn't it?

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