A Life-Changing Moment
Have you ever had one of those moments in life in which you suddenly realized that from this point on everything is going to be different?

Not just different, but better? Oftentimes these moments occur when we are engaged in learning something new; something that we know for a fact is going to take us to a new place in our understanding.

Returning to school to earn a degree is an experience that often brings about such moments; especially when studying something that is enjoyed beyond the classroom. It can be formal or informal; required for credit or pursued for pleasure; enjoyed with friends or personal and private; instructor-led or self-directed. No matter how it’s packaged learning can be life changing.

Look for opportunities to learn. You may stumble upon a life-changing moment.

Call The College Network (1.800.395.1014) to learn more about certificate programs and degree programs that can lead you to a life-changing moment.


Comments for A Life-Changing Moment

Name: Wanda Lunski
Time: Monday, August 8, 2011

My Ahh! moment came last Thursday night when I met with an Advisor from The College Network. For a number of years, as an AD nurse, I wanted to get my BS, but it was always just out of my reach. Now, with the help of The College Network, is my BS on longer out of reach, but I can see my Masters right around the corner! Yeah!

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