A first peek at The College Network's new site
The College Network is launching a new web site which will give a much needed face lift to our appearance on the Internet. We will also be leaving our current location for a new address, www.collegenetwork.com.

Whether you want to personally advance your education, search for training that applies to the jobs in your organization, research eLearning options, or extend the boundaries of your university, The College Network's new web site will have the information you need. 

The new site will be composed of five main sections to help you find the information you need quickly: Programs, Customers, Corporate, Partners, and Research.

This section was created primarily for our potential customers or those people who are personally searching for information on self-paced education and training. It has detailed information about all the programs we offer, success stories from customers, and the latest company news.

For our current customers, we've developed an area packed with motivational tools, study tips, success stories from other learners, testing information, and direct links to chat with our Academic Advisors.

If you're interested in providing education and training for employees within your organization, you will definitely want to visit this section.  It has information about the programs we offer, partner institutions and services available like webinars, lunch and learns, information tables, and more.

Have you ever thought about adding distance learning programs to list of things offered at your university?  The College Network can help whether you're just starting to research your options or you're ready to expand the reach of current online programs.  Visit our partners section to find out more. 

At The College Network, we're in the process of developing a section of our web site for people researching education and training.  Here you will find white papers from prominent companies like The Joint Commission and Vital Smarts; a blog with customers stories about their education experiences; information about the available positions at The College Network; and more.

Take a peek at any or all of the sections that interest you as we prepare to officially launch the site. Look for an official announcement coming soon! 

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