A better resume is worth more than you think…

The goal for anyone pursing better employment should be to have a great resume and one way to be sure your resume stands out from the crowd is education! Education will help move your resume from the left to the right side of the pile. You have less than 10 seconds to impress your potential employer so you better make them count. 

While it’s true that a great resume can get you the interview it can’t get you the job. You have to sell yourself as well as your qualifications. Your best bet is to not only further your education but to also consider taking professional development programs commonly referred to as professional certificate programs.

It’s tough to get ahead; however, now that economic recovery is on the horizon, there has never been a better time to get more aggressive with enhancing your resume. There are still too many people facing employment hardship but you can take control of your current situation by advancing your education with a professional certificate

Education can open doors and for most people it could be the difference between getting what you want as opposed to not even having what you need to survive.  Often, a certificate can also lead to certification in a given industry like Project Management, Lean Six Sigma, and Human Resources. For example, a project manager can take a PMP preparation course to prepare for their PMP certification exam.  Someone interested in Lean Six Sigma can earn their lean six sigma green belt certification online or they can choose to take any lean six sigma certification course.  People looking to get into the human resource industry or current human resource professionals can earn a variety of certificates in things like employee relations, strategic HR practices, and more. Certificate programs are flexible and offer adults a great way to get ahead fast!

If you are either looking for a job or trying to find a better one I strongly encourage you to seek continuing education and certification preparation. The one two punch of having a professional credential from a leading university and a certification in your field will set you miles apart from other candidates!


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