A Question: When it comes to getting things done do you possess these attributes?  You are confident: Able to do it You seem motivated: Want to do this You are responsible: Do what is best You care about what you do: Responsibility The thing I can not help with is initiative Get started to finish your goal of earning your RN... Continue +
Want to be a millionaire?
A popular TV show has that title Who Wants to be a Millionaire and attracts a large TV audience weekly to see who will win. It is a game of chance. When you look up the definition of the word millionaire it describes it as somebody with a net worth or income more then 1 million dollars or another unit of currency. It is also... Continue +
J.O.B. Inc. The College Network wants you to know...!Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a significant certificate to possibly accelerate an employers interest in seeking you for an interview. Some universities shout we are # 1 in this and that but at the end of the day, can they assist with preparing you for life after education. ... Continue +
If the shoe fits!
The last trip to the hospital was a result of my 82 year old mother-in-law having a knee replacement operation. The surgery went great. She was attended by some of the nicest and most courteous license practical and RN nurses. I started to ask a few nurses how did there career get started and where did they do... Continue +
The word hope suggests the anticipation of a desired outcome or something you look forward to; or possibly anticipate. Many nurses have hoped for more. More money, more opportunity, more time, more progress and more success. It is said the nursing careers are listed as one of the top jobs in the US. The College Network can help... Continue +
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