4 Survival Tips for Nurses

Whether you are a seasoned nurse or just starting out, working with patients can often prove exhausting. This week, we've uncovered a few tips for coping with life as a nurse:

1) Take Breaks: Busy nurses can often forget about their personal needs during a hectic workday. Take a few moments to yourself to catch your breath, have a snack or lie down if possible. Breaks will keep your body feeling great and your mind sharp.

2) Never Reprimand Patients: For nurses, the occasional unruly patient comes with the territory. But, no matter how frustrating their behavior may be, never scold a patient too harshly. Instead, carefully explain what they are doing wrong and offer reasonable solutions to their complaints and/or discomfort.

3) Be Honest: Do your best to be realistic when answering patient questions. For instance, if a patient asks if a procedure will involve much pain, do your best to be honest about the level involved. Encourage patients to use the 1 to 10 scale when describing their discomfort, and encourage trust by answering their questions with sensitivity and sincerity.

4) Say No Without Guilt: Patients will often have special requests, and some can become extremely demanding. If a patient is requesting further medication or unauthorized treatment, never feel guilty for having to tell them no. Instead, be straightforward and strong. In the end, you and the doctor know best, and treating your patient as instructed will only benefit them in the long run. 

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