2012 Is Right Around The Bend

Can you believe August has already rolled around and the start of fall semester is right around the corner? It seems like just yesterday we were all talking about our New Year’s resolutions and what we wanted to achieve this year. Now here we are, 8 months into the year with 2012 coming quickly around the bend.

All of this brought to mind some words I heard when I was a kid. I used to spend a lot of time with my grandmother and her friends. I guess I was one of those kids who was a bit older than my years. Anyway, I remember one of my grandmother’s friends telling me that as we grow older time seems to go by faster. At the time this made absolutely no sense to me. The words fell on young and confused ears.

But as I grow older I’m beginning to understand. A week is still a week and has the same number of days and hours but my how they fly by now that my time is stretched between so many commitments and responsibilities. As a kid, a month used to feel more like three months; but now feels like only two weeks.

Hhhhhmmmm, a month; what could I accomplish in a month?

I recently watched this brief video of a gentleman named Matt Cutts talking for a few minutes about the value of 30 days and how he changed his life by challenging himself 30 days at a time.

Stop reading and watch the videoyou won’t regret it.


Did you watch it?


What would you like to change in 30 days? Are there things you wanted to achieve this year that have fallen by the wayside?

There are still 5 months left in this year.
What could you accomplish in that time? What could you do in just 30 days?

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Challenge yourself
. Let’s see what you can accomplish before the end of 2011.



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