20 year veteran LPN works toward becoming an RN

“I have been an LPN for 20 years and knew that it was time to get my RN. I have procrastinated for many years but made a promise this year to start the program,” says Associate of Science in Nursing degree customer Cecilia Portillo.

“I received an email from a friend with The College Network information attached. When I called and met with Krista, it seemed very clear to me that this was the way to go,” Cecilia says of her decision to enroll in the online nursing degree program. “I have had many co-workers who did a self-study, go-at-your-own-pace program. They didn't have access to the online and phone support that The College Network provides. I can call anytime and someone always answers my questions.”

Cecilia admits that earning an advanced degree takes time and dedication. “It is hard sometimes. When you have young children and a full time job you think, ‘Wow, I just can't do it!’ but I have found that when I tell my family I need study time they are more than supportive of me and give me the time I need. I even have my children quiz me with the key words or the objectives.

Cecilia did it and so can you! Read more of her inspiring story or call 1-800-395-1014 to speak to a Program Advisor today.

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