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One of the fastest-growing careers in healthcare

Medical coding is a highly specialized and respected field. The coding of a medical procedure determines the financial reimbursement for a healthcare company, and accuracy in coding ensures quality data for future medical decisions. It is the key to reimbursement for providers and accuracy in revenues.

Due to a severe shortage, coders are in high demand. Many job opportunities await for this well-paid position in hospitals, physician practices, insurance companies, and all other healthcare facilities. The medical coder has many options to grow and is a key person in an organization.


Why you should start your certification today:

Coders are in demand: Forbes magazine estimates that ICD-10 coders will be in short supply and demand due to the medical industry’s switch to the ICD-10 coding system.

Excellent earning potential: A recent estimate (also by Forbes) indicates that ICD-10 coders can expect to have an income of nearly $60,000–$80,000.

Respect and career growth: Don’t miss your opportunity. Getting the right education is critical to position yourself as the best in the coding field. CODESMART™ UNIVERSITY will help you set the standard for excellence in medical coding.


Medical Coding Certificates:

ICD-10 for New Coding Professionals
ICD-10 for Existing Coding Professionals

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